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The Global Press Office contains relevant material on all aspects of Experian’s business, including press releases, recently published articles and White Papers (Issue Papers). It also contains links to Experian’s websites across the world and other relevant websites.

Hot News

26-May-10Automated lending processes enable better risk management in SME lending in Asia, advises Experian
25-May-10Experian launches nationwide talent search for a new band to represent”
25-May-10Experian CheetahMail is once again the number one email service provider to the top online retailers
25-May-10Survey data reveals 57 percent of consumers with Web-enabled phones have used their phone to purchase consumer electronics
25-May-10Experian QAS and Demandware collaborate to create turnkey integration for retailers
21-May-10Experian analysis highlights impact of recession on UK consumers in 2009
20-May-10Commercial risk scores up 1.8 percent since beginning of the year, according to Experian’s latest Business Benchmark Report
18-May-10Consumer Credit Defaults in Autos and Mortgages Drop; Defaults in Bank Cards Accelerate
17-May-10Experian launches new product suite to improve B2B collection efforts
14-May-10UK business insolvencies down 20 per cent year-on-year in April

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